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      welcome to Fushun Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.! chinese   English
      fushun machinery manufacturing Co,.Ltd
      TEL: 024-57673421
      Market: 024-57672893
      Purchase:  024-57595291
      Addr: fushun economic development Zone
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             Fushun mechanical equipment manufacturing CO,.LTD  in the development and      construction process has got the attention of leaders at all levels, Fushun mayor        Wang Guifen, vice mayor Zhang Chengzhong and other leaders went to inspect the mill  personally, proposing lots of instruction to company, it gives great encouragement to staffs in company,  becoming the eternal force for all employees to move forward..
              Vice Chairman Xu Ke, accompany with  Fushun mayor Wang Guifen  to visit. Da Nan
      Vice Chairman Xu ke, accompany with Vice Mayor Zhang Chengzhong to inspect.
      Fushun City Economic Development Zone director Tong Zhebin to visit the new factory in Da Nan.

      Tel:024-57673421 Fax:024-57591800 /Operating the Department TEL: 024-57672893 Fax: 024-57686762

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