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      welcome to Fushun Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.! chinese   English
      fushun machinery manufacturing Co,.Ltd
      TEL: 024-57673421
      Market: 024-57672893
      Purchase:  024-57595291
      Addr: fushun economic development Zone
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      New product development:

      Major diameter breech lock type heat exchanger

      Diaphragm seal heat exchanger

      Typical Events 

      Duplex phase stainless steel SAF 2205 WPQ Dev.

       Steel for new hydrogenation reactor: 2.25Cr-1Mo-V steel welding process development.

      120mm super wide stainless steel strip overlay welding with pole technology development.

      Submerge welding PQR for super thickness of 256mm plate with SA387Gr22Cl2 material and welding operation on products

      Nozzle auto welding research for heavy wall vessel

      ? 316L ss welding overlay with pole tech and development.

      90 degree elbow inner welding overlay tech.

      ?  Saddle type nozzle automatic welding technology for thick wall vessel

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